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Web pages are what make up the World Wide Web. These documents are written in HTML hypertext markup language and are translated by your Web browser. Web pages can either be static or dynamic. Static pages show the same content each time they are viewed. Dynamic pages have content that can change each time they are accessed. These pages are typically written in scripting languages such as PHP Perl ASP or JSP. The scripts in the pages run functions on the server that return things like the date and time and database information.
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There is no active learning available yet. So let's dig deeper into how those four terms are related and why they are sometimes confused with each other. A web page is a simple document displayable by a browser. Such document is written in the HTML language which we look into in more detail in other articles. A web page can embed a variety of different types of resources such as. style information controlling a page's look-and-feel. scripts which add interactivity to the page. media images sounds and videos. Note Browsers can also display other documents such as PDF files or images but the term web page specifically refers to HTML documents. Otherwise we only use the term document.
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We recommend explicit declaration if these properties are specified but if they are found outside of an itemscope they will be assumed to be about the page. Usage Over 1000000 domains. Property Expected Type Description. Leave public feedback on this term. Check for open issues. WebPage is mentioned in layer core. breadcrumb BreadcrumbList or Text.
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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September 2015 Learn how and when to remove this template message. Learn how and when to remove this template message. A web page webpage or Web page is a document that is suitable for the World Wide Web and web browsers. A web browser displays a web page on a monitor or mobile device. The web page is what displays but the term also refers to a computer file usually written in HTML or comparable markup language. Web browsers coordinate the various web resource elements for the written web page such as style sheets scripts and images to present the web page.
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See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com. a single usually hypertext document on the World Wide Web that can incorporate text graphics sounds etc. Based on the Random House Dictionary Random House Inc. Examples from the Web for Web page Expand. An FDA spokeswoman said the FDA has updated the Web page as of this afternoon directing consumers to the current PDF. Correction FDA Did Not Change Guidelines on Morning-After Pill June 14 2012.

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